What do you do when your mam abandons you to join a cult?

Serena Ramsey is back with her new solo show WAXA BELTA HELTA SKELTA a surreal look at abandonment, cults and Mammy issues. This absurd yet true story engulfs us in the explosive world of one Geordie girl with a missing mum, but plenty of pasties.


Expect witch-craft, dance numbers, Greggs and lots of Newcastle Brown Ale. Ramsey brings emotions to the stage that will resonate heavily with anyone who has ever experienced loss, love and the need for answers. You will leave laughing, crying and craving a sausage roll.

"She absolutely kills it with some wild physical comedy that leaves all vanity at the door." - The Tung Magazine 

"A multifaceted threat with the prowess to seduce any audience." - The Voice Magazine 

"It's rare to find a perfect mix of pure talent, phenomenal storytelling and unbridled creativity." - Fringe Biscuit 



Night on Boob Mountain is a surreal and hilarious teenage horror story set on the island of Teendom. Jamie, Nora and Olive wash up on an island and arrive hopeful for the next chapter of their life... but what appeared as a place for innocent self-discovery descends into savage competition as they navigate the treacherous wasteland. Teendom isn’t as glamorous as they thought it would be. It’s sticky, sweaty and the boys are disappointingly weedy. But worse than that,

they discover that the island is governed by a demonic spirit “Puberty” who infiltrates their friendships as the race to become ultimate teen descends into cut throat competition. 


We have received ACE funding for this project and will be developing it in summer with The Albany, Deptford. 

Frisky And Their Freaky Friendz - Press


Girl World is a pop-tastic, musical playground where best friends wreak anarchy, hilarity and imagination. 

But when Tilly thinks the unthinkable and asks, “is there anybody out there?” Girl World descends into a foulmouthed, sex-obsessed battleground with both girls vying for dominance against each other when they discover there is a hole in their world…

Expect laughter, love songs and brutal wrestling on a journey of genuine friendship between two girls who are growing up.


"Unmissable" - Fringe Biscuit


"Genius" - Broadway Baby


"Pure talent" - A Younger Theatre

This piece was made in residency with Brainchild.