Theatre maker, Clown, Cabaret Artist and Comedian Serena Ramsey is back with her new solo show Waxa Belta Helta Skelta a surreal look at abandonment, cults and Mammy issues. 


Combining live soundscapes, playful story telling, dark humour and experimental electro-music for support, this absurd true story engulfs us in the explosive world of one young Geordie girl with a missing mum, but plenty of pasties. 


On a journey to understand just why her mum left to join a cult, this true story uses witch-craft, dance numbers, sausage rolls and lots of Newcastle Brown Ale to understand acceptance and the many ways that it takes its form.


With a voice finally ready to share such a personal experience, Ramsey brings emotions to the stage that will resonate heavily with anyone who has ever experienced loss, love and the need for answers. With her unique brand of comedic storytelling, drawing on clown influences, the audience will leave laughing, crying and craving a sausage roll.

"She absolutely kills it with some wild physical comedy that leaves all vanity at the door." - The Tung Magazine 

"A multifaceted threat with the prowess to seduce any audience." - The Voice Magazine 

*All designs by @serenaramseystuff*


Pirates Chopped My Willy Off  unleashes the secrets of childhood and teendom and all the madness of the transition between them. Brace yourselves to be slung into a world in which clubhouses turn into animalistic hierarchies, innocent sleepovers descend into spin the bottle sex madness, pirate costumes become fishnets and side fringes and bodies morph at a rate of seconds.

Combining heavily stylised comedy, physical theatre, live music featuring original songs and verbatim, we aim to bring authentic childhood experiences to light.

This is a community inspired show, featuring real stories from across the UK. We will indulge in the freedom of imagination and uninhibited exploration of our younger selves which we often lose on our journeys to adulthood. Audiences will leave craving a game of spin the bottle.


A short film, made up of interviews with the real Geordie's who inspired WAXA BELTA HELTA SKELTA, we follow Serena on a quest to unravel the truth about what happens when you leave your family to join a cult (which can not be named for legal reasons). 

At the heart of all of this chaos is the beating heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the support system that comes from a community that is so rich in history and strength.



Caught showering in ze garden heheh #Kuk


GIRL WORLD by Frisky Arts 

As a core member of Frisky Arts Serena has worked with some of the most promising creatives that the industry has to offer.

Frisky Arts is one of The New Diorama Theatre's emerging companies of 2019. 

Girl World is a pop-tastic, musical playground where best friends wreak anarchy, hilarity and imagination. 

But when Tilly thinks the unthinkable and asks, “is there anybody out there?” Girl World descends into a foulmouthed, sex-obsessed battleground with both girls vying for dominance against each other when they discover there is a hole in their world…

Expect laughter, love songs and brutal wrestling on a journey of genuine friendship between two girls who are growing up.


"Unmissable" - Fringe Biscuit


"Genius" - Broadway Baby


"Pure talent" - A Younger Theatre

This piece was made in residency with Brainchild. 


A provocative and multidisciplinary show that uses verbatim, spoken word, dance and projection to discuss our anatomy . Taken from many interviews with female identifying individuals that have suffered from endometriosis, STI's, Vaginismus, Female Genital Mutilation, Abortion, Miscarriage, complications during child birth, frequent infections, sexual reassignment surgery and so so much more. This show is a rebellion, and the rebellion is a love song to the resilience of our bodies.


 Radical. Self. Love. 


BOBBY DAZLA AKA. Serena Ramsey has created a one-off T-shirt design in recognition of the work Women's Aid Newcastle are doing during the Coronavirus crisis. Experts warn of "domestic abuse pandemic" as vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser during the UK's lockdown.

Profits from sales of the T-shirt will be donated to Womens Aid Newcastle.


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